In most cases, a landing page could make or break an online business.  Successful small and big businesses on the Internet utilize landing pages to get massive traffic to their sites and generate numerous leads.  However, not all landing pages can convert leads into actual sales.  An online business needs quality landing pages that are highly optimized to make conversions.  That is why it would be best to use landing page software in order to achieve this business goal.  

Using landing page software is ideal for non-technical online marketers.  A landing page is a website.  This means online business owners need to have a basic grasp of HTML, web design, and web technologies to be able to create quality landing pages.  By using landing page software, the task could be automated.  Online businesses just have to do extensive keywords research and launch an online advertising campaign.  The creation, design, and set up of the landing page can be left on the software.  In this way, online entrepreneurs will have more time to strategize and improve their businesses.  

Landing page software can also create multiple websites designed to funnel traffic to the main business or product page.  Keyword structuring and generation of relevant PPC ads can also be created by the software.  So, in just a few days, an online business could have an extensive web real estate that targets several sectors of online users.  The campaign therefore will be more massive thus increasing the chance of converting numerous leads into paying customers.

The quality score of a landing page is set arbitrarily by Google for its Adwords program.  There are general guidelines set for creating quality landing pages.  However, there is no way to accurately predict how the Google Adwords robot scores a page.  Sometimes, Internet marketers who got good ratings from the previous robot visits find their landing pages being downgraded to poor quality.  

If this happens, the best recourse open to marketers is to reassess their landing pages.  They should review Google Adwords’ landing page guidelines and scoring system.  Sometimes the search company issues revisions on its quality guidelines.  In most cases, the revisions can significantly affect the quality score of a landing page.  That is why a reassessment is needed and a possible redesign should be implemented.  

There are also cases when all the guidelines of Google have been met but the landing page still got poor quality score.  If this is the case, Internet marketers should investigate if their landing pages are loading properly during a click-through.  Page load time can affect the quality score of a landing page.  

A slow loading landing page will get a poor score from Google.  That’s because it will decrease the value of user experience in using the search engine’s ad services.  Faster loading landing pages on the other hand can see their quality score go up a few notches higher.  This means lower cost for keyword bidding.  

There are still other factors that can affect landing page quality scores.  Internet marketers should always monitor their sites in order to maintain high quality ranking for their landing pages.

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