There are business intelligence development studios that are being used to promote more developmentally-enhanced projects for the different management tools that are used in business intelligence solutions for many developers. The great thing about business intelligence development studios is that you can use them to design many end to end solutions that are able to integrate projects  for example, in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (or SSAS), Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (called SSIS), and also Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (or SSRS). This can also be fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio as well, which is an example of a development environment. Business intelligence development studios can also host the different people that are crucial in its success, such as the wizards, designers and browsers all working in the development dialog boxes for their different components all in the same shell.

One example of the functionality of a business intelligence development studio would be its ability to help you examine and analyze the different sources of data. You can also use it to define cubes as well as mining models when you use Analysis Services that will allow you to create different ETL (or extraction, transformation and loading) packages when you employ integration services. Furthermore, you can also use it to design reports using report services and apply different solutions to a particular test or environment of production. Truly, a business intelligence development studio can also integrate the different functionality aspects that will help any user come up with the results he or she desires.