The ITIL® is a set of publications that promote IT service management practices among organizations. It was originally created by the United Kingdom government, but has been widely-accepted throughout the world. One country where ITIL® is gaining widespread acceptance is the United States where an American ITIL® system is rumored to be under development.

One test area for ITIL® implementation in the US is Oklahoma City. According to Mark Meier (Oklahoma City IT director), they found that ITIL® was best suited for the IT needs of the city when it came to setting up a standardized technology framework. Meier describes ITIL® as being a system whose effective implementation is dependent on how the organization is able to interpret it. Meier claims that those organizations which strive to interpret ITIL® in literal terms are going about implementation the wrong way. ITIL® was also found to be very useful because Oklahoma City had lost 26% of its labor pool yet city leaders wanted IT performance to actually go up, rather than diminish along with the level of employee attrition. Meier credited a comprehensive awareness of technology and executive support to be supplementary factors that contributed towards the successful implementation of ITIL® in Oklahoma City.

Contrary to what many might think, the US is not the leader when it comes to IT service management. In fact, many US organizations have to catch up fast by trying to learn about the ITIL® process and how it can be applied to their systems. American ITIL® consultant Rob Roy believes some US organizations probably resisted adopting ITIL® because it may have seemed un-American or offensive to the American pride in American ways.

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