There are different kinds of BPM applications that companies could use to improve their business process management. The important role of BPM applications is to automate the business process thus making the work easier and ensuring quality and efficient deliveries of products and services.

An enterprise-wide BPM application is a whole set of business software that can be deployed and used by an entire company. Usually, this kind of BPM application includes all the tools and separate applications that are needed to create process management architecture. Companies that do not have BPM software and is yet to implement BPM application practices can benefit from the program. They can institute their business process management using the business process program and overhaul their entire process management paradigm.

Another kind of BPM application is more process specific. These computer BPM programs can create individual stages of the process. Applications like this will normally not need a server in order to run. Just the workstation of a manager would be enough and it could be installed and used as the need arises. These BPM applications can create a process design and workflow while others will allow managers to improve document processing and collaboration. There are also programs that can generate business process maps and detailed work flow metrics. In all BPM applications, simulation and scenario setting can be made possible. There are also hosted BPM applications and these could be an option if a company wants to outsource some of their business processes such as accounting or human resources.

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