It becomes a necessity to provide metadata, not only on electronic or digital things, but to all things that need extra description. Common examples of those in need of metadata are commercial products. Through using metadata, the company can easily track the products, thus, inventory becomes easier. Although making metadata for commercial products may be easy, but the actual process is not. That is why companies consider to hire professionals who know how to make metadata or retrieve metadata. And so, metadata jobs were created to add to the increasing list of job opportunities for professionals, especially those who know well about metadata processes.

One of the metadata jobs is metadata editor. This person is responsible for helping in growing and establishing the vision and voice of the cutting edge digital entertainment and technology. Another metadata job is the director of data architecture since he will be working with the metadata in XML. There are also metadata jobs called as metadata consultant, metadata manager, and metadata engineer. There is also someone called as metadata librarian who is responsible to create an effective metadata strategy. There is also the senior metadata librarian who supervises the efficiency of work of the metadata librarians. Even the job of a data warehouse developer is also considered as a metadata job since it involves working with metadata repository maintenance and development.

There are still other metadata jobs available for applicants and these may vary depending on the industry and the specific kind of job one is expected to handle. The many metadata jobs available proves that the metadata is really a broad concept that is not only applicable in digital or technology industry but to other conventional industries too.

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