Taking the professional level of the Microsoft Certification requires its first step. This is the passing of the MCTS or Microsoft Certified Technology Series. Passing the MCTS is the first step towards becoming an MCITP professional. Although this may sound so simple, the move is actually not that easy. Taking MCTS and MCITP needs enough preparation and review. The problem is, most review materials are only available for the MCTS or the MCITP. Only few can answer the needs of those who will take the MCTS in order to become MCITP certified. Good thing there are books MCTS/MCITP Exam 70-649, which will help individuals in achieving their dream MCITP certification through the very first step—passing the MCTS.

One example of this book is the one entitled “The Real MCTS/MCITP Exam 70-649 Prep Kit.” This book is made for those professionals already certified as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers. Since there is no other way to improve the MCSE skills but to take the MCTS, this book is very helpful in guiding those who aim for that. The book is already a complete and comprehensive approach to becoming an MCITP certified. With this, the former MCSE certified professional can enter to the new and higher level of Microsoft certifications, which is the professional level.

Some examinees may ask why this book is also offering topics for the MCTS. This is because taking MCTS is the first step in getting MCITP. All the MCITP exams have prerequisites of passing the MCTS counterpart. Therefore, there is no way for the MCSE professional to fast-track his career since he will still need to undergo MCTS before being allowed to take the MCITP.

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