Metadata is generally a term used for almost anything. Although there may be types of metadata, people still get confused on what metadata really is and its purposes. Due to the broad concept of metadata, some suggest to use the standard metadata. However, the standard metadata is only applicable for certain compatible agencies. According to one source, using standard metadata will provide the best managing practice for federal agencies’ websites. It also said that using the standard metadata will help the public locate and even use the various government information and offered services more efficiently. But there are terms coming from a standard metadata.

One of the terms coming from standard metadata is the use of six metadata elements on all major entry points and homepage of the federal agency. These are the dc.title, dc.language, dc.description, reviewed, dc.creator, and created. The six standard metadata elements were based from the Dublin Core standards. The implementation of the standard metadata should also follow a common term. Although many believe that using the standard metadata is very effective, there are still some who ask about the benefits of shifting to this guideline.

One reason why it is important to use similar terms coming from standard metadata is that it provides uniform system in classifying and labeling the federal agency’s web content. This action may also support the website administration and maintenance. Improving the search relevancy is also possible with using the standard metadata. The information in the website can also be tracked and assembled easily with the standard metadata. This move may also help in identifying the redundancy, duplicate content, and obsolete web contents in the website. Overall, using similar terms coming from the standard metadata provides better service for the public.

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