Virtualization solutions are considered as the future wave of computer technology.  Virtualization offers many benefits and foremost of which is lowering IT infrastructure investments and maintenance.  In fact, most companies who have migrated and adopted different virtualization solutions significantly lowered their expenditures for server infrastructures, server maintenance, data storage, and network set-up.  That is why it is not surprising to see that more and more large enterprises are getting interested in virtualization and actually adopting the technology for their IT environments.

Virtualization is a technology solution that allows many virtual machines to operate and run in a single physical computer resource.  It also enables the physical machine to run different operating systems through the virtual machines.  So, for a large company that normally uses only 40% of its server resources, the extra hardware can be rationalized by building several virtual servers and individual virtual workstations.  It eliminated the need for more hardware investments and reduced also maintenance costs. 

Virtualization solutions can also be applied in building a network.  Virtual networks actually are getting very popular because it will not require too much hardware expenditures.  A company only need to upgrade the computing performance of their system and a virtual network can run on it perfectly.

Virtualization solution is also ideal for large data centers and storage systems.  A single data center could be configured to create multiple virtual storage devices.  These devices will be stored in servers as file types only but they can be used to store voluminous data.  Data hardware maintenance therefore can also be eliminated.

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