Blogger is the blogging platform and community of Google.  You can get free or paid blog hosting services from Blogger.  

For recreational bloggers, getting a free Blogger account would be enough.  For business blogs however, they can opt for premium services or host their Blogger blogs in a third party hosting company.

You need to have a Google account if you want to try the services of Blogger.  Once you have an account, simply log-in to blogger and use the blog creation wizard to start blogging.

Your Blogger account can be integrated on any desktop based content management system.  Just configure your CMS application to include your blog on its list of web logs.  You can now write your blog entry on your desktop and publish it through the file transfer utility of your CMS application or blog client.

You can also use email services to post to your Blogger blog.  You need to get the Blogger address where you can send the email post.  You can find this address on you dashboard under the posting utilities.

The subject field in your email will be the post title.  Type the content on your email and send it to the blogger post address.  Your post will be published automatically by Blogger.

You can also post blog entries on Blogger using your mobile phone.  Just check if this service is supported by your carrier.

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms today.   You can use this Google service to answer your personal or business blogging needs.

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