The Prince2 project management method has two types of exams that one needs to pass in order to be called a certified expert in such a system. These two exams are called the Foundation exam – the basic test – and the Practitioner exam – applied test. Because there is so much that one needs to know in order to pass these two tests, experts in Prince2 have developed different types of modules that will not only help the test takers breeze through their exams, but also guide them into the actual work that they will do using Prince2 project management method. Because of this, theory and application go hand in hand in the module in order for the reader to truly appreciate the cohesiveness of the knowledge that make up Prince2 project management method.

The modules for both exams will also include sample questions that have a very high chance of coming out in the exams themselves. It also has easily understandable diagrams that the test takers will be able to commit to their memory in no time, as well as terms and definitions that they need to familiarize themselves with. Such modules are sure to be great buys, despite the hefty price tags that one might discover in most shops that offer these. This is because the modules will also include emergency how to guides in troubleshooting the system as well as a what to do list if ever something that is not supposed to happen occurs. In this light, the process model modules will find a permanent spot in your office desk once you become a certified expert in Prince2.

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