Manage centralized synchronous and asynchronous communication strategies for connecting with learner populations across all geographies through a variety of technologies and media; innovate new methodologies for reaching learner populations with just in time personalized learning.

More Uses of the Digital Asset Management Toolkit:

  • Warrant that your organization engages with business users to determine if the delivered functionality satisfies the user stories and work with development with resolve identified issues.
  • Organize: map content lifecycle as it relates to asset workflow requirements across divisions and recommend/drive adoption of workflows and standards automated where possible and aligned to business use cases.
  • Collaborate with, follow up with internal and external team members and stakeholders to drive completion of project activities and deliverables.
  • Arrange that your organization uses marketing and communications best practices to create content and capture video and has competency in applying best practices and techniques.
  • Establish that your organization develops and implements short term and long term strategic goals for the Digital Asset Management system metadata acquisition process.
  • Support graphic designer with companies Digital Asset Management system and integrate current visual assets into platform using agreed upon tagging/keyword system.
  • Remove practical obstacles to completing tasks and projects through communication and maintaining relationships with project stakeholders.
  • Head: on a day to day basis, lead and facilitate efforts designed to improve overall it processes and systems while maintaining an absolute focus on the customer.
  • Ensure you transform your clients marketing and engagement operations into modern, data driven, creatively focused organizations all built to drive growth.
  • Develop: if you have ever stopped to think about how the business of content works, who makes content, and why some content is better than others and have ideas about how to make it great.
  • Develop the requirements, principles, designs, and models that strengthen the information technology to support digital innovation initiatives.
  • Help create and solely execute a customer centric, content strategy that focuses translation between manufacturing data and marketing information provided to customers.
  • Apply project management expertise to identify, develop, and implement techniques to improve engagement productivity, increase efficiencies, mitigate risks, resolve issues, and optimize cost savings and efficiencies.
  • Ensure you aid in the implementation of a digital innovation roadmap comprised of the Infrastructure, Middleware, and Applications supporting the ongoing digital initiatives.
  • Ensure you based on business and process requirements, identify opportunities to leverage existing and future technologies to streamline operations.
  • Manage all aspects of business systems analysis, design, development, installation, maintenance, and enhancement for mission critical business systems for assigned strategic projects.
  • Formulate: communication skills able to communicate with various people and positions through spoken or written means clearly, accurately and with understanding.
  • Manage work with media publishing director and Digital Asset Management director to further develop and roll out the Digital Asset Management system.
  • Pilot: project manage configuration of Digital Asset Management system according to your requirements and facilitate relationship with selected vendor and/or consulting partners.
  • Ensure assets are captured and labeled correctly, adhering to brand guidelines, keeping creative assets consistent across all boards.
  • Direct: work closely with business stakeholders, technology strategy teams, and management to ensure execution is tightly aligned with business unit needs and vision and strategy.
  • Be able to effectively engage all relevant members of the executive team to align financial management with short and long term financial planning and projections.
  • Develop: project management for the implementation and integration of the Digital Asset Management software project, ensuring project milestones are established and met and provide support.
  • Drive project through to completion, providing detailed progress metrics during build and insightful analysis of results post launch.
  • Establish: work directly with the production team to troubleshoot and and solve issues as repairing corrupt configuration files, password security, etc.


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