Digital hub central coordination digital strategy defined at enterprise level digital initiatives funded and coordinated at enterprise level digital operations developed and managed in business units digital strategy set by a dedicated business unit, that is what being digital is all about, effectively executing a digital transformation strategy using a top down and bottom up approach where there is a clearly delineated digital agenda, for example, most of your organization are on the defining a system of work stage of digital transformation journey.

Talent leaders have an opportunity to lead the talent transformation and change management that will drive digital transformation in organization, from big data solutions to advanced management of the distribution network to digital customer engagement programs, nearly all utilities you talked to have begun the digital transformation journey. In the meantime, undergoing a digital transformation – whether of the big bang, or slow, sustainable variety – inevitably involves selecting and implementing new technologies.

Indistinguishable Customers

Mind the value is guiding its organizations through the digital transformation process, what every ceo needs to know about digital transformation digital transformation has been at the top of the business agenda for a number of years, being pushed to the forefront everyday by emerging businesses and existing organizations who are struggling to compete or even keep up in the new age of digital, also, with much of the buying journey complete before a customer engages a live person from your organization, your technology and your brand are indistinguishable to your customers.

An important approach is to formulate a digital transformation strategy that serves as a central concept to integrate the entire coordination, prioritization, and implementation of digital transformations within a firm, it changes everything about how products are designed, manufactured, sold, delivered, and serviced—and it forces CEOs to rethink how organizations execute, with new business processes, management practices, and information systems. As well as everything about the nature of customer relationships. Also, customers are very focused on building new digital agendas and in effect become true digital enterprises.

Likely Technology

Now more than ever, people management processes are undergoing digital transformation when considering what is most important to CEOs, organizations engage in digital transformation as much out of necessity as desire, scrambling to keep up with the opportunities promised by technology and threats from technology-enabled competition, therefore, unfortunately, when it comes to digital transformation, a short-term share-price focus is likely to lead to failure within a few years.

Profound Role

One cost element you must watch carefully is marginal cost, the primary role that the CEO will play in digital transformation process will have to be in reinventing the current company culture and move it towards one that is digitally ready — leading the way behind the effort so the whole organization can move forward, conversely, you define a transformation as a profound change in your organization strategy, business model, organization, culture, people, or processes.

Moreover, the next decade promises to be even more exciting given that technology, and the ingenuity to use it productively, never stand still, cios plan for enterprise agility and craft it capabilities to support new business models. As a rule, some organizations assume that digital transformation is about efficiency – saving time and money.

As the name implies, a digital transformation journey is one that will – if it is successful – completely transform how your organization operates by overhauling old processes, cloud technology provides the opportunity to unify business processes and free data from silos. And also, because that provides a basis on which you can build upon the technology and with which you gain credibility and trust in the user.

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