Augmented reality only involves incorporating the virtual world with reality whereas digital twin is fully based in a virtual simulation that gathers data from the real world and adjusts itself based on the changes, a digital twin is a complete and operational virtual representation of an asset, subsystem or system, combining digital aspects of how the equipment is built (plm data, design models, manufacturing data) with real-time aspects of how it is operated and maintained, singularly, furthermore, this allows the user to experience planned equipment es well as augment real plant with additional process data in the third dimension.

Such tools bring to life potentially dangerous working environments before projects begin, you can test your software on the digital twin long before the real physical system is actually built.

Inside-out tracking is when the camera is placed on the device being tracked and looks out to determine how the position changes in relation to the external environment, digital twin is the ability to make a virtual representation of the physical elements and the dynamics of how an internet of things device operates and works.

A digital visualization organization helps employees and department members with interactive multidisciplinary-media design, educational gaming and various simulation and training activities, it offers augmented & virtual reality solutions that offers rich experience combined with splendid graphics and content to engage customers, deliver value and make an impactful interaction, in like manner augmented and virtual reality are changing the way you experience and interact with the world around you from the way you consume media and shop to the way you communicate and learn.

Virtual reality apps and augmented reality apps are designed to eliminate user pain points, enhance customer service, and create the personalized customer experience, but also, by connecting the physical and virtual worlds, augmented reality provides efficiency and accuracy for industrial maintenance and training applications.

Reality technologies which have been in the developmental phase for years, have now become mainstream products for marketers.

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