Does the current disability management program actually work for your company? Do you need some changes in your disability management network to come up with better strategies to drive employee performance? If YES, then you surely need to do something about it. Employee productivity is one of the driving forces that make companies do good business. A mere disability report from a key contributor may mean potential negative effects so anticipating such will definitely help. Here is one of the many possible scenarios that are most likely to happen in a typical work place.

When emergency situations happen, there are some employees who do not immediately report this to their immediate supervisors. It will usually take them a week or so before a disability claim will be filed. Just imagine how this can negatively impact the operations of the business. As an employee, it is expected that you report to work everyday (except for days off) to meet certain goals. In your absence, it is but a tedious process to train other individuals for the job. Reporting such situations immediately can make disability strategists think of the best possible course of action to further collaborate employee and employer arrangements.

If your company is not strict on your disability policies, then updating it is the best thing to do. Look back at the different disability situations that happened in the past and impose certain guidelines that results to a win-win situation for both the company and the employee. You may also want to consult disability management experts to determine how you can significantly drive positive results and at the same time, ensure continued business whenever such unfortunate events occur.

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