Disaster Recovery Definition In Layman’s Terms

It is commonly understood by the IT industry that the definition of disaster recovery is
the procedure of restoring the normal processes of the company in times of disasters due
to natural and man-made causes and system breakdown. It is essential for businesses to
be prepared when disaster hits their organization. Storm, power outages, tornadoes,
terrorism attacks and system break-ins are likely to happen anytime. Without the proper
precaution of companies and government agencies, numerous lives will be at stake. To
ensure an effective recovery and rescue operations, it is important to organize a specific

There are also other definitions of disaster recovery such as regaining access to lost
network or business connectivity and recovering critical company data during or after a
disaster caused by natural or man-made sources.  This definition will also include the
creation of a disaster recovery plan which include plans and procedures for restoring
normal business operations without or with only minimal disruptions in company
resources.  This plan is well maintained and constantly updated to make sure that it is still
workable and applicable to the company.

Data can also be lost during disasters and calamities. Network systems during these times
may be initially affected due to disconnection of communication lines. Essential
documents, assets and information are needed to be protected in order to quickly restore
the normal operations of businesses. A thorough plan should be created by companies
and especially government agencies responsible for massive disasters. A well organized
team and committee should initiate the development of plans and strategies in disaster

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