Ready to use prioritized Disaster Recovery requirements, to:

Work cross functionally with leadership and (internal) client teams to define and implement business impact assessments, coordinate and lead business continuity and disaster recovery tabletops and exercises, identify, and prioritize remediation, and track completion, partner with (internal) client team and functional leads to implement and maintain disaster recovery plans and metrics to ensure the security and integrity of (internal) client technology and data, and identify program improvements. .


    • Does your organization have a plan or framework for business continuity management or disaster recovery management?
    • Does the cloud service provider have a disaster recovery plan in place to recover the applications and data that are running in the facility?
    • Has your organization customized its business continuity and disaster recovery plans or is a generic plan in place?
    • Does your organization ensure that business impact assessment, business continuity and disaster recovery plans are produced for all mission critical information, applications, systems and networks?
    • What are your disaster recovery and business continuity plans now that you have a cloud infrastructure?
    • Is the plan strategic and operational in nature (i.e., does it include guidance that facilitates plan implementation), covering basic steps your organization will take to support the recovery process?
    • Does your organization have an established change control process in place to keep the continuity / recovery plan current with process, organizational and technology changes?
    • Are there other organization business units work arounds that would release resources for use on recovery activities?
    • Do your cloud providers have a demonstrated track record in meeting data availability and recovery requirements?
    • How does your organizations recovery organization and leadership work with the emergency response leadership and support functions to ensure a smooth transition to the recovery process?

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