In making disaster recovery plans, it is always wise to use a template to give it all the detailing and structure it would need. There are a lot of disaster recovery plan templates available especially online for differing needs and different types of organization.

However, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain elements which must be present in a good disaster recovery plan template. These elements are as follows.

1. Risk Analysis
A good disaster recovery plan template begins with a chunk of risk analysis. This part of the plan analyzes what risks would the organization be most likely to come across and what parts of it would also be mostly affected. Apart from the risk details, it also contains important details such as the probability status, impact, and the risk level.

2. Expenses
The template must also have a portion which would enable you to discuss the expenses and all costs which the disaster recovery plan would need to operate.

3. Duration
This part of a disaster recovery template gives people an insight on how long would the plan take before it gets fully accomplished. This part also gives the recovery team a way to be able to plan their responsibilities efficiently.

4. Writers and Managers
This part would give the plan readers the ability to evaluate if credible people are behind the recovery plan. This part also gives the details regarding the plan’s recovery team.

So if you want to have a good template for your disaster recovery plan, make sure that all of these important elements would be included in the template you choose.


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