The growing demand on the use of ITIL® led the upgrade of the ITIL® version 2 to ITIL® version 3.  The ITIL® version 2 was focused on the processes, particularly focusing on the operational processes.  The ITIL® version 3 upgrade was set to focus on service management practice guidance. Unnoticeably but one of the upgrades covering ITIL® version 3 was  "The IT Infrastructure Library" was changed to
 "ITIL® Service Management Practices".   The change of name implied the ITIL®’s evolution of a broader scope.
 A holistic approach in style of IT service management, one that is value based and business focused.  The ITIL® version 3 consists of a set of core texts supported with complementary and web based materials.  While ITIL® version 2 volumes where available only in English the ITIL® version 3 was made available for other languages.

ITIL® v3 core volumes include service strategy, service design, service transition, operation services and continual service improvement.  The word "continual" was used under the ITIL® version 3 instead of the word "continuous" as used in  ITIL® version 2.  The word continual was believed to be suited to define activities intended to function without pause, as the goal of service management is "availability".

Other extras from ITIL® version 3 includes the following: 1.  An extra volume, considered being a core volume
     titled the "The Official Introduction to the ITIL®
     Service Lifecycle" by Sharon Taylor, Chief
     Architect for ITIL® V3 (ISBN-10: 0113310617). 2.  A complimentary material that shows the major
     changes in the way businesses procure and utilize
     their IT services.  It includes process maps and
     governance mapping and other frameworks
     (e.g. COBIT) and methodologies (e.g. Six Sigma). 3.  ITIL® v3 web-based material tends to support more
     recent updates and allow wider breadth of coverage
     of ITIL® guidance through case studies.

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