It is no doubt that any person – professional or not, college degree or the otherwise — claims that salary is an essential element to consider when he or she begins to mould and create a professional career path for himself or herself.  One would be hypocritical to claim that salary does not matter at all.

Competitive salary usually becomes a matter of debate for people whose skill sets, educational attainment, professional work experience and certification held are impressively attained.  For people whose salary is not yet that competitive, they usually resort into attaining higher education or obtaining numerous certifications in order for them to have a competitive salary.

For the salary ranges for any Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technicians they usually vary depending on the field of specialization that one has.  For instance, a Help Desk Technician certified has a salary range between USD45K to USD50K.  Among all the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician, the Information System Analyst or the IS Analyst, this gets the lowest median salary as a salary range of USD35K to USD40K is given. There are other salary ranges that are given to people who get certified based on the level of certification that they have passed and achieved.  Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician has several levels of examinations.  The higher the level that you pass the greater the salary range you can get.

Essentially, the salary is a very important aspect that needs to be considered by any person who is taking a certification examination. 


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