Supply chains vision is to enable customer and mission success through supply chain strategies and execution that deliver outstanding operational program performance and build competitive advantage through continuous improvement.

  • Contribute to resource management through headcount planning, skill need identification and sourcing strategy design.
  • Be accountable, on time, and available to take service desk calls at start of shift.
  • Oversee and monitor purchasing, transportation, inventory, and warehousing of equipment.
  • Have a hand in the development of the program EEE Parts management plan, the selection, qualification, testing, and failure analysis of EEE Parts.
  • Assure your strategy complies; tasks involve the evaluation of thermal management requirements through the development and execution of analytical models and tests.
  • Sell complex service engagements and creatively seek alternative solutions where necessary.
  • Manage work with training and sales teams to coordinate scheduling of short term training engagements.
  • Execute engagements at Financial Services organizations as part of complex change and transformation initiatives to address key changes impacting the Payments industry.
  • Organize and lead client workshops for business requirements for business analytics.
  • Be accountable for providing pre and post sales lead architecture support for all collaboration related engagements.
  • Develop metrics for post sale quarterly business review that show ongoing value realization.
  • Reach out and provide regular customer feedback to the product, industry and strategic marketing teams to help identify product strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Develop market relevant points of view to generate and sustain presence in the marketplace.
  • Engage and collaborate with clients directly on value discovery, analysis and output development.
  • Manage work with client to drive transformation programs around Business Analytics, Big Data and cloud solutions, Data Warehousing, Visual Stories, Predictive Analytics, and Data Governance.
  • Provide direct support to programs to architecture, develop, and execute test scripts and procedures.
  • Advise clients on strategy and detailed use cases by leveraging insights from industry best practices.


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