Worldwide, a large scale distributed systems have been introduced as a computing environment. In short, in a realistic and practical time frame, without compromising the models quality.

Significant Data

The goal of providing semantics and automated reasoning capabilities to the Web draws upon research in a broad range of areas including Artificial Intelligence, databases, software Engineering, distributed Computing and Information Systems, likewise, the smart plug data can provide numerous versatile insights about the space in which the smart plugs are deployed. Also, point clouds are typically represented by extremely large amounts of data, which is a significant barrier for mass market applications.

Necessary Cloud

Replication is an important technique that is used in grid and other distributed systems for the purpose of improving data availability and fault tolerance, cloud computing is different from grid computing because Grid Computing involves dividing a large task into many smaller tasks that run in parallel on separate servers. Equally important, code-distribution, in the general case, is a necessary assumption in order to achieve liveness in the face of disruption.

Good Level

You need high speed networks capable of transferring huge amount of data that is required by data miners, firewalls, intrusion detection (and prevention) systems, hardened operating systems, network segregation, auditing at the system level, patch management all play a key role on system level security. In conclusion, a successful algorithm must be able to keep memory consumption constant regardless of the amount of data processed, and at the same time, retain good adaptation and prediction capabilities by effectively selecting which observations should be stored into memory.

More and more systems use a centralized data base with nodes in varied geographical locations, with evolution of Large Number of large scale data intensive applications, there is a challenge of managing large amounts of data over multiple computers. In brief, in a large scale deployment of smart grid, tremendous volume of data is generated and it takes great amount of time to process and analyze the data in a cloud computing architecture.

Large Access

Large volume of high-speed streaming data is generated by big power grids continuously, resources and data need to be protected against unauthorized access, manipulation and malicious intrusions that render a system unreliable or unusable, similarly, event extraction normally requires large amounts of annotated data for each event type.

Finally, data destruction must be handled properly to ensure that data cannot be restored from media by a malicious user, furthermore, the resulting digital data requires storage, communication and processing at very high rates which is computationally expensive and requires large amounts of power. For the most part, akin edge data centers have rather small capacities in terms of storage, computing and networking resources.

Computing over the stored data, is what delivers net new business value – and based on your daily conversations with prospects organizations across the globe are getting more sophisticated about it, as the type of devices participating in the grid becomes more diverse, the protection environment becomes more complex, and there is a need for smart protection to complement the smart grid, also, it allowed many new organizations to enter the Big Data market or start using the value of data for internal purposes.

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