When you first open your Standard Requirement Self Assessment book it can be a bit daunting… most books have over 600 questions that all relate to the subject and that in itself is quite a lot to take in.

It’s important to remember why you purchased the Self Assessment Guide in the first place…

To get an understanding of where the gaps in the processes are, and which part of the process is solid and mature in your company. (When I say ‘your company’ this can also be your customer’s company because we notice many of our Self Assessment clients are consultants and independent contractors.)

The  questions in the Self Assessment are organised in 7 different phases that follow the natural progression of maturity:

  • Phase 1: Recognize the value
  • Phase 2: Define what this topic means within the context of our business
  • Phase 3: Measure how we currently manage this topic
  • Phase 4: Analyze our findings
  • Phase 5: Improve the processes and implementation
  • Phase 6: Control the deliverables and results
  • Phase 7: Sustain the practices into the future

When you go through the Self Assessment you try to answer as many questions as you can. However, this doesn’t mean that you must answer all of them. Remember – these assessments are for a wide variety of organisations. We’ve managed to curate and create a wide range of questions that can be used all across the globe. Having said that, It’s impossible to be 100% applicable to each and every company where these Self Assessments are used.

When a question doesn’t make sense in your business context – you can skip it. This doesn’t impact the overall rating and results of the assessment. What is important that by going through the list of questions, you have to think about them and make conscious and educated decisions on if and how you answer this specific question… that’s where the true value lies.

Unsure about how to use the Self Assessment in your specific situation? Feel free to contact us for additional support and to answer any of your questions.

For more information on the Self Assessments and a full overview of the available topics, go to store.theartofservice.com/self-assessments/