What is a help desk administrator? If you work as a help desk
administrator, your job involves acting as the manager of a technical
support group known as a help desk. You are needed for the help desk
to become fully operational and always functioning in tip-top
condition. The help desk team manages the technical system for a
client company so that the system will always work and function
properly. Help desk administrators are most commonly needed in IT or
computer-system service providers, whose PC and network help desks
may also be commonly known as call centers.

Before you can become a help desk administrator, you will definitely
need a college or university degree with a close relationship to
computer science. It is not easy to become a help desk administrator.
You will need years of experience working in the information
technology industry so that you know how particular systems work.

To be known as a competent help desk administrator, you should have
extensive knowledge about a wide range of different computer systems.
If you are considering a career in help desk administration, you
should be educated about software, monitoring, maintaining data files,
patches, executing backups and recovering system files (among other
diverse skills sets). On the whole, a help desk administrator must be
familiar with everything pertaining to computer system management
and maintenance.

Administrators are the ones who are responsible for maintaining and
systematizing computers to be used by help desk assistants. A help
desk administrator should also be creative when it comes to problem
solving. In some companies, it is the help desk administrator who is
designated as tutor or trainer of new PC help desk agents.

Patience is another quality which an effective help desk
administrator should have. Working with people immersed in computer
knowledge can be a grueling chore since you may have to deal with
inflated egos of your staff. Some may not accept what you are trying
to implement and become offended. So, as an administrator, you should
know how to best phrase any corrections or reprimands you have to
dish out.

Still, the salary is considered the best part of becoming a help desk
administrator. In fact, many companies are eager to give as much
compensation as is demanded by the help desk administrator for his
service, no questions asked.

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