Who said that you cannot do much with Drupal? Being an open source software for content management platform does not mean that you are limited to just a little capabilities in creating web sites. Actually, being a free software, it just have so much functionalities that you can enjoy. It is really a flexible and powerful tool if you know how to play it along with the other tools that can help you enhance the web page. That is why there are Drupal plugins. These plugins would help you achieve what you want to get out of the Drupal software.

Some of these plugins would include:

1.    Content construction kit – This one is very helpful when creating content. If you are tired of boring content types then use CCK and you would be able to find the material that you wanted to be on your page.
2.    Admin Menu – You can create your own drop down menu on the upper part of the administrator pages. This makes the software administration easier by having all the links available in a single menu list.
3.    Front Page – If you want to have your very own design of front page then use this Drupal plugin. You can always go away with those boring front page designs by using Front Page.
4.    Image – A web page would be so plain without images. Use this plugin to create galleries on your Drupal page.

These are just but few Drupal plugins that you can use to improve your web page. They also help you to make the job of customizing your web page easier.

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