Do My IT People Need to Be ITIL Certified?

The ITIL® (or Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is now being accepted globally, catering to different organizations based on their IT needs. It is composed of a series of documents, originally created and owned by the Office of the Government of Commerce of United Kingdom. It was created to support the implementation of an efficient framework for IT Service Management. IT professionals are nowadays required to be equipped with the global standard in knowledge of IT technology  which usually means being ITIL® certified.
The growing need to be updated about developments in IT technology has encouraged career IT professionals to get more in-depth knowledge about the world of IT.  However, standardization of the technology was needed so that professionals desiring to enter the field would be adequately informed, tested and then certified.  A 40-question multiple-choice exam must be hurdled by these IT people before any of them can be issued with an ITIL® Foundation Certificate. A holder of this Certificate is certified to be equipped with the foundational knowledge in ITIL® Service Support, Service Delivery and the various terminologies of ITIL®. With a Foundation Certificate safe in hand, the ITIL® career ladder may then lead to two other branches of ITIL® which are the Practitioner Certificate (involved in the application of IT Service Management) and of course the Manager’s Certificate.
When you are ITIL® Certified, that means that you have sufficient skills that would support IT-dependent organizations in their quest to present a comprehensive set of management procedures that can help them (and their client organizations) in the management of their IT operation. ITIL® supports IT service providers in the planning of consistent, documented and frequently used processes.  These improve the quality and promptness of service delivery.  It is essential for the IT professional who is aspiring for ITIL® certification to be fully knowledgeable about his craft as IT is synonymous to swift, standard and accurate quality service.

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