The word podcasting actually came from the words broadcasting and iPod. One does not actually need an iPod in order to go into podcasting. Podcasting is actually a means of publishing and distributing audio, video and other file types through feeds. These files are, in turn downloaded into computers and eventually loaded to portable players.

Podcasting has continually gained popularity since its inception. Just like blogging, it has been utilized for personal uses and commercial uses as well. Many people have gone into podcasting and earned a good living through podcasting. Because of this, many people are also enticed follow their example.

There are many resources and guides in the internet. Many observe that the first resources they found were for Mac users though. Well, this is perhaps natural podcasting having come from the use of iPod, another Apple product. But with the many PC users, it’s also quite expected that podcasting guides for Windows users were created as well. Now such tutorials and other podcasting materials abound the Internet too. One will not find it hard to find enough information and materials for learning how to start podcasting.

Podcasting is really for everyone, both Mac and Windows users. One would also need audio recorder software compatible with Windows. And then he will need other recording equipment like a microphone, headphone and such to be able to create a good podcast. And to make one’s podcast more successful, it should be informative and entertaining. The quality of the podcast should be good to facilitate a good podcast listening experience. And most of all, it should have appropriate marketing and promotion to entice as many listeners as possible.

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