Configuration management involves the detailed recording of the various implementations of a companys IT investments which includes investments in software and hardware components.  Getting configuration management training should be implemented by companies that invest heavily on IT products and services because its implementation should be constantly updated as the computer systems and networks are added and modified. Configuration management also includes the adaptation to different disciplines implemented in software products so that unnecessary delays and risks are avoided and controlled. 

Configuration Management training helps provide the discipline needed to master the tools and processes necessary in configuration management. IT today needs competent people to handle software and hardware development to enable them to control various changes made in software and hardware development.

With a proper training in configuration management, risks of data loss and system downtime can be avoided and reduced because every part of the IT change can be reviewed so as to verify compatibility and stability with other IT systems and components.  This training in configuration management should enable the configuration manager to gain knowledge in systems and networks that includes essential details on software and hardware components. In many configuration management training programs, technicians not only gain knowledge of the technical aspects of the companys system, they will also acquire the skills needed in relating to customers and clients. This will surely help IT professional in handling customer queries and providing them the skills to effectively configure and upgrade the computer system. This is important because most companies are not only dealing with internal factors when it comes to their IT services. 

The term conflict management refers to the ability to manage long-term and difficult to handle types of conflict. Conflict management is one of the ways that people handle complaints. Conflict management is one way for people to express their position about how they perceive what is right and what is wrong. It is a way to show how people take a stand on how they feel about ridicule, gossip, terrorism, lynching, feuding, warfare, law, genocide, avoidance and meditation (among a host of difficult issues.) The social structure then decides on what kind of conflict management is to be used for a certain case.

Many have been confused about the difference between conflict management and conflict resolution. Conflict resolution means you try to determine how to solve the conflict. Conflict management only refers to the ongoing process of trying to find a solution but may end up with the group or pair of people not coming up with any resolution. For instance, feuds and gossiping are the most common forms of conflict management, but do not necessarily require resolution.

Conflict management focuses on the ability to prevent situations from developing or escalating that may produce nasty situations. The aim of conflict management is mainly so we can avoid disagreements and conflicts by adopting constructive and positive attitudes.

Courses in conflict management training are now offered to hone us in the necessary skills and knowledge to reduce conflict among people. Conflict management training teaches people to recognize that conflicts are quite common so managing it correctly is an appropriate goal.

There are courses available for people who want to know more about conflict management training. You can get to know about the courses offered for conflict management which may be about Experiencing Anger, Facilitating Challenging Situations, Getting Past Clashes, Valuing Team Diversity, Handling Conflicts with Others, Managing Conflict in the Organization, Managing your Anger, Perspective on Conflict, Team Conflict: The Seeds of Dissent, Working with Aggressive People, and Working with Arrogant Duplicitous People (among other forms of conflict.)

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