Drupal is a known free application for content management. Some sites where this application is very usable are blogs, portals, forums, intranets, social networking, and resource directories. But aside from its usefulness and features, it is also important for Drupal to provide the nice look and feel of these websites. These can only be satisfied by a Drupal theme.

Just like the common theme found on free blogsites, Drupal themes are pre-set arrangement of a certain web page. A theme includes color of the background, the shapes used, images utilized, arrangement of elements, and text used. With the many Drupal themes available, everyone who might use the application will surely find the one that will suit his taste and purpose.

Drupal themes can simply be downloaded from the drupal.org website. But each of these themes only functions correctly on specific Drupal versions. For example, themes made for the Drupal 5.x may not work as expected on Drupal 6.x.

Some Drupal themes available for Drupal 5.x are the .mobi, A Block, Kexolid, A3 Atlantis, Combustion, Imagination, Console, CristalX4Drupal, Fancy, and LiteJazz. Anyway, some of these themes have versions that can be used for Drupal 6.x. Meanwhile, some themes that can be used specifically for Drupal 6.x are Mobile, NewsFlash, Genesis, Soldier, News wire, Stasis, Tapestry, Nitobe Screenshot, and NoProb.

Each of these themes has features and designs that target specific group of users. Those who are interested to download Drupal themes can simply check out the available themes at the drupal.org website. There, each theme is described carefully and for what group of people it was designed for.

It is true that your landing page is the great contributor for your conversion rate. But did you know that if your landing page is not loading fast and the quality content is not good, this can also become the factor that would pull down your Adwords quality score? That is why it is important that the keywords that you used should not have problems in your landing page. They should be relevant, meaning the adword that you used should be seen and optimized on your page.

Another thing is that your landing page should load easily. Aside from it is really irritating for the customers when waiting for this page to load, it is also one aspect that Google is looking into for your Adword quality score. Some factors that could add to this loading time are the redirects that are included on your landing page, website being housed in a slow server, large page documents and using multi second meta refreshes. Make sure to avoid these things so that you would not have problem with the loading time for your landing page.

You can remedy these things if you want to get high Adwords score. Make sure that you create relevance with the keywords being used. You can also create content that has direct information. Be transparent with your customers. Put the things that they need to know on your landing page without any distractions. And lastly, give them easy navigation on your landing page. Have them convert to be your valid customers after checking your landing page.

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