Does your siem, dlp or UEBA process encrypted session data?

Carry out triage on security events, coordinate incidents with SOC staff, network operations, network engineering, systems, and application teams while supporting and updating the incident management process.

Can your siem, dlp or UEBA process encrypted session data?

Facilitate (internal) client discovery sessions to define project scope and requirements, and translate business processes to functional specifications and user stories.

Why has ueba become a core security requirement?

Promote a culture of cyber risk awareness by leveraging information on current threats to focus Business Security Managers and Digital Core teams attention on emerging risk themes and issues.

Should you be thinking about UEBA?

Liaison so that your strategy builds and maintains collaborative partnership and alignment with business stakeholders, Information Security and Information Technology to improve the quality and value of core data assets.

Do you have an active UEBA project?

Interface so that your design is involved in risk management Project management with security system installations and integrations.

Have you deployed UEBA capabilities?

Check that your strategy is managing teams developing and implementing Data Security solutions and capabilities that are clearly aligned to the business, technology and threat drivers.

How to get UEBA configuration parameters?

Product security parameters, features, and configuration policies.

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