A stress free way to control your risks

Our experience professionals work hard to deliver measurable results.

For example:

  • Clarity around your company’s maturity levels
  • Strategic report with 90 day implementation plan.
  • Handover workflow for your team to set up ongoing accountability
DIFY_Do you struggle with (1)

Do you struggle with:

  • Not being able to allocate resources to risk assessments and implementation projects?
  • Not fully comprehending the status quo and its impact on your strategy?
  • Not being able to afford to wait any longer?

We care about your goals,
and we do the work for you

Gap Analysis

Based on your guidance we question your team and analyze the raw data from the self assessment.

The report with recommendations on how to achieve the desired improvements forms the basis for the next steps.

Strategic Assessment

The assessment starts with the selection of the most effective questions, creating and delivering the assessment and analyze the results.

We recommend workshop style assessment delivery for efficiency.

Executing The Plan

From the assessment we create the plan you need to effectively execute the recommendations, including practical KPIs and metrics to clearly measure your success. This plan is the blueprint for the 90 day implementation project.

With the rising cost of business and scarcity of resources,
you need creative solutions.

We’re with you every step along the way…

You need this assessment done now and don’t have time for long drawn out quotation processes. You need experts who can help you right now.

We have 22+ years of experience across multiple continents. We’ve completed risk assessments for government agencies as well as businesses and corporations.

(the following is a very small selection of companies that use our assessments and tools)

1. Schedule a Call

Together we discover your needs and timeline. In a 30 minute discovery call we can both assess how we can achieve results for you.

2. Get Help

Once you agree to work with us, we engage with your team to give you the personalised help you need based on the discovery call.

3. Be in Control

The assessment gives you clarity on the way forward, with a clear step-by-step execution plan for measurable results. You control how many resources you wish to allocate to achieve these results.

Meet Ivanka Menken

Your discovery call will be with Ivanka Menken

Ivanka specializes in creating organizations that manage their business process maturity improvement in a sustainable and customer-driven manner. With 20+ years of management consultancy experience and an education degree, she has been instrumental in many organizational change management projects in The Netherlands, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia for both government agencies and enterprises.