Lead projects to design and implement new and upgraded applications, system integrations, and automated solutions in support of the Engineering and Infrastructure teams.

More Uses of the DRaaS Toolkit:

  • Initiate: monitor cloud infrastructure and respond to relevant alerts.
  • Ensure infrastructure security compliance.
  • Ensure you are respected by your peers, customers, and industry.
  • Audit: work to ensure the effective capture of all relevant log data for analysis.
  • Orchestrate: proactively manage and maintain all data protection and data integrity elements supporting the availability and resiliency of customer hosted data.
  • Collaborate with cloud networking to ensure optimal storage fabric connectivity and performance.
  • Support sales efforts by working cooperatively in conjunction with Sales Management and Channel Leaders.
  • Identify, gather, analyze and automate responses to key performance metrics, logs, and alerts.
  • Develop new customer offerings based on emerging technologies.
  • Lead: vmware certified associate or higher.
  • Ensure you cloud operations escalation engineer.
  • Analyze customer issues through root cause analysis and problem management process.
  • Escalate complex account issues to management for speedy resolution.
  • Be central point of communication for project related matters.
  • Ensure you are in tune with your customers, peers, industry trends and are receptive to what the market needs.
  • Serve as a liaison between the business and technical teams at iland, gathering feedback from internal stakeholders while owning continuous improvement efforts.
  • Perform root cause analysis for service interruption recovery and create preventative action plans.
  • Analyze process flows and automation between applications and teams to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities to scale the business.
  • Gather data on incidents, track that information, and prepare teams for internal and customer facing communications regarding incidents.
  • Analyze data on customer environments to ensure consistency across platforms.
  • Initiate: implement improvements, establish kpis for monitoring and performance metrics.
  • Steer: professional level skills in designing, planning, installing, and operating data center switching and networking.
  • Ensure high availability and performance for all services.
  • Troubleshoot and communicate issues impacting the success of assigned projects.
  • Lead: actively manage multiple projects at one time.


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