People who have been blogging for quiet a long time already share one common problem—the transfer of their old articles to the WordPress archives. When a blog has been loaded with a lot of posts, the older posts will eventually vanish from the homepage and will be relocated to the depths of the site, which are the archives. And normally, people are not expected to read the articles that are already in the archives—except for the ones who are really committed to spend time on reading the entries.

This is why a solution was provided to battle this problem. So, for the ones who want to make their archives effective enough, they are suggested to present specialized archive outlooks that provide quality scannability. And this can be accomplished by taking one clever step that requires no effort at all.

The following are the two effective ways to help your readers see the older content in your blog:
1.    Remixing the architecture of the site a little. This can be done by providing fixed links to the best content in one’s blog. It has to be guaranteed though that the links are visible all throughout the site.
2.     One may build a link that go back to best articles, which facilitate the present discussion or supply more value when used along with the most recent material.

To achieve more improvement, the archives can be also designed to look more interesting than ever. One example of this is by placing an excerpt, which will serve as a teaser to the readers.  

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