In wanting to have the best of websites, it’s always best to try out every available source possible and available in the Internet today, and it’s just a matter of looking it up and downloading it.
For starters, they should try to download the Drupal 5, which is still a good program to have in aspiring to have a good website to note, and its applications are designed to give the programmer an easy time so using it will be a breeze.
Aside from this, there are now more than ample reasons on why a shift towards Drupal 5 is called for.
First, the innovations and improvements to be found in Drupal 5 are basically many steps in front of the rest of the programs that are like it in purpose, but different in approach, which the ace in its makers’ sleeves.
It was even expected by the makers that more people will be migrating towards Drupal 5 soon after its release, and indeed, this expectation came true.
Second, there’s an evident improvement in the Drupal 5’s design of the program, which makes it even more adept in responding to the needs of the user.
Now that’s better flexibility, and better usability improvement.
Drupal 5 also has improved versions of the administration pages, which had to be retooled completely to achieve the purpose of making it as user-friendly as possible.
Now, there’s a default task view that allows the user to hide the descriptions, as well as better than average configuration options.
The settings pages were also improved, or rather split up and divided into smaller pages, which in effect made it easier for the user to locate the options sought for.

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