The Drupal Acidfree album is a comprehensive media content module ideal for creating large photo and video nodes.  As a media content management, Acidfree fully integrates with the Drupal system so that users can create highly dynamic media pages for their websites.

Site administrators can customize the themes of Acidfree albums so it could complement the general theme of their Drupal created websites.  The customization allowed in Acidfree albums also include highly flexible drawing time tables for better management of media content.

The Drupal Acidfree module has two kinds of site upload functionality.  First, administrators can add media content to the Acidfree node through individual upload of photo or video on the Drupal interface.  On the other hand, they will have the option of mass-uploading media content to their sites through the import page facility.  By using this method, site administrators can easily import entire directories of media content from a server and place them on the Acidfree design module on the Drupal site.  This process speeds up media management and makes content administration simpler.

Several releases of the Acidfree Drupal nodes have been developed already fixing some issues regarding management and design.  By integrating Acidfree nodes in the Drupal system, administrators will be able to fully integrate the functionalities of a social media sharing site on their own website.  The Drupal Acidfree nodes and modules can be downloaded from the Drupal community website.  The downloadable files also contain important notes on the latest releases of Drupal Acidfree to help administrators integrate the functionality on their sites.

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