Drupal, the free and open-source application for content management system, has its official website at drupal.org. Having the org domain means that the website is not there for any commercial purpose. It is there to serve a certain group for free. Drupal is non-profit and the free availability of its application is a clear proof of that. However, there are people who get confused with another Drupal website, the drupal.com.

Having a .com domain means that the website is made for commercial purpose or it services a commercial company or group. But the Drupal is not a commercial group and so, they are not qualified to have the drupal.com. But there are people who are commenting that the drupal.com should instead redirect to the drupal.org. The problem is, the drupal.com domain name is already acquired and owned.

It was just recently that the owner of the drupal.com domain name donated or gave it to the Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert. Cedric Johnson from the opendomain.org is the former owner of the drupal.com domain name and decided to give it to Dries, primarily to be used for commercial purpose. However, Dries is so far no intent of commercially using the domain name. Fortunately, Johnson agreed that the drupal.com can be used for non-commercial means.

However, Dries still do not have any idea on what to do with the domain name. That is why until these days, the drupal.com is still an empty website. It does not even redirect to the drupal.org website. Anyway, many concerned people are interested to know what the drupal.org will do with its new domain name. The organization will surely use the domain name for better purpose.

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