Drupal is a software that enables people to easily publish, organize and manage the content on their websites. But the good thing about Drupal is that it is a free software so there are already quite many people who have been utilizing this said software in their sites which ranges from discussion sites, aficionado sites and social networking sites to corporate websites, intranet applications and resource directories.

Being an open source software, it is being maintained and developed by many developers and users in the community. Each work to report and resolve the bugs and the errors that come up in the use of the software.

Drupal is a ready to use software so one simply has to download it and he can use it right away. With all the built-in functionalities and numerous free add-on modules, one can easily have the ability to use features like blogs, content management systems, newsletters, podcasting, picture galleries, peer-to-peer networking and file uploading and downloading. With such features one can truly customize and define his needs using the software.

For those who use Drupal social networking sites or in sites wherein importing contacts is used, the Drupal Contact List Importer would be most useful. This module enables users to import their contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, MySpace, Lycos and MSN Messenger easily and conveniently. At the moment, however, this module works hand in hand with the invite module. The invite module would complete the process by sending out actual invites to the contacts. While it has to work with the other module for now, the makings of a stand alone Drupal Contact importer is in the works.

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