Drupal GMap module functions by presenting spatial information on Google Maps. This is why more and more people are becoming interested to get this. However, there is a pre-requisite before anyone can obtain Drupal GMap Module—the Google Map API key. API is important because this allows other modules to contain Google Maps in their section. Nothing to worry about the cost since this is offered for free.

In addition, there is a filter and a macro generator that can contain a Google map from a macro into several nodes. There is also a module accompanied with gmap.module and location.module, which permits users to enter even their latitude or longitude information to be displayed on one map. Through this, the person using this module can identify where specifically in the world his users are coming from. In effect, all of the said information is possible to be seen on the same map by different users.

Essentialy, Drupal GMap module presents the following features:  

•    Supplies an API to assist other displayed modules of Google Maps
•    Identifies a display plugin for the purpose of Views
•    Supplies several default pages including maps of users and nodes
•    Permits fundamental map-based input
•    Identifies a macro language as well as gives out an interface for structuring macros. This way, users can place maps in their content  

People who are interested to have Drupal GMap module can freely browse the web to view demos online. Demos presented online are: nodes with site information situated on the map; documentation of the macro language; and creation tool of the 5.0 macro.

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