Drupal is popular among many website owners and web developers. With the many features that are offered by this software, it seems an optimal choice for them. For those who want to use a software that could run without any programming, Drupal is also a good choice. And since Drupal is free, the more that it becomes an attractive choice for them.

Drupal is an open source software. So it is being maintained and further developed by a community of users and developers who interact with each other in the Drupal portal. All information about Drupal and many of its popular users are also interacting with each other in the portal. They are listed on the site and case studies are also listed there. Links to the studies are also given there.

With such resources given within the Drupal portal, developers will have everything they need to know right away. What’s even better is that all news about the developments of the Drupal software and on all of its popular users is always posted there.

Drupal news would also include all new versions of the Drupal software. New high profile users would be announced there too. Seminars and new resources are also listed right at the home page for the users to always be updated. For a complete and concise list of Drupal news, the Drupal news aggregator is also there. Drupal news is also posted in many web developer portals so users and potential users also have other means to keep updated regarding the software.  

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