The is the web domain that stands as the official and authorized site for the Drupal software.  With this site, every legitimate and latest update that concerns the Drupal users and makers is being posted on this website.  Generally, all users and followers of the Drupal software are referencing to this website for possible up to date patches or news about new bugs that are not yet being fixed on the system.  

The was made and customized to support all the various needs of its users.  Some of the interesting things that are found on the site are:  things that concern Drupal and its makers, the features of both the latest and the earlier Drupal version, the hosting capabilities and offerings of the Drupal system, some screenshots for better understanding, there are also demo videos and graphics that help facilitate learning, some of the paid services or premium offers of the Drupal software, and even job postings that help community find a source of living.  These and all are just some of the contents that are placed on the drupal,org website.  

Periodically, the site is being maintained and updated.  All contents that are not seemingly creating an impact are being re-generated or at times expelled from the site.  From time to time, the maintenance team are conducting online survey about what interests the viewing public and they incorporate those feedback when deemed useful and worthy of being published.  The website is made sure to contain only the latest and the up to date news there is in the online community.  

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