Drupal is one form of a content management system that is fundamentally web-based.  The mechanism works via the web browser allowing the user to execute any command on the system and in turn return the request via a connection on the Internet.  The PHP or the Personal Home Page software was effective in designing this sort of system mechanism because it was able to integrate these complex procedures to allow such component to happen.

The Drupal System is an open source and free content management software that was created and developed using the PHP programming language.  PHP language is an all purpose scripting software, a known and powerful scripting language used to design and develop a website.  The PHP language is known to be running under a web server using the code generated by the PHL language as the input and the created web pages as the desired output.  Generally, any PHP language is capable of being used as a command line script likewise as a client-based graphical user interface application.  

One good thing about PHP that makers of Drupal chose it as the programming language to be used in developing it is its ability to be deployed on generally all kinds of web servers, and compatible to be used in almost all types of operating system platforms.  Apparently, the PHP language is also compatible to be used in any of the RDBM Systems that are available in the market.  

Drupal software has been gaining extra mileage due to the massive demand of people for a powerful and effective content management system.  And because of this, PHP continues to be on the sidelight as newer versions are beginning to be developed.   

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