The Drupal website is made alive with the users and developers that are working together to make the Drupal software better and more functional.  Through the community of Drupal users that are actively participating in reporting bugs and errors they encounter using the software, such bugs are resolved and the software is improved. All feedback also becomes the basis for the development of new versions.

So, Drupal users are really essentially very important in making the software the best that it could be. Drupal users are even encouraged to do testing on the software. By having people from various walks of life test the software the stability of the platform can be tested and strengthened.

Drupal users also have another way to contribute. By sharing their knowledge with others in the Support Forums, they will be able to help out other users in the forum. Using the software becomes an easier experience for many inexperienced Drupal users and for others who encounter some mishaps. Drupal users can also help by subscribing to the Support mailing list. This is the place where people who need help to get started and to run the software get their answers. Drupal support can also take place through chat via the

Drupal users can certainly answer the many questions that are asked by other Drupal users. They can also refer others to the handbook page if the answer to their question can be found there. Or better yet, Drupal users can also contribute to the handbook page if they know something that is not yet there.

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