Develop in depth security architecture, design and coding standards across infrastructure, application and data security, to drive a standardized set of security requirements, and align with internal policies and meet external compliance/regulatory requirements.

  • Create and execute automated test plans/strategies utilizing business requirements and collaborate with engineers/architects, clients, etc.
  • Impart ongoing secure code and application security standard methodologies training to developers.
  • Be accountable for deploying enterprise applications in cloud platforms, incorporating automation, security, and reliability.
  • Develop security awareness, guidance, and socialization materials for training, for internal applications teams.
  • Impart ongoing secure code and application security best practices training to developers.
  • Perform testing/validation to determine compliance to technology baselines and minimize threat exposure.
  • Be accountable for using programming language and technology, writes code, completes programming and documentation, and performs testing and debugging of applications.
  • Establish that your enterprise complies; AWS provisioning, configuration management, storage management, network management, virtualization.
  • Develop custom, efficient, complete Cloud management strategies for AWS and other cloud providers.
  • Create and maintain Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and secure SDLC models documentation for application development teams.
  • Be certain that your planning maintains market knowledge and awareness of trends, requirements, competitors and market growth, buying trends/criteria and use/applications.
  • Provide product security related coaching and mentoring to elevate the security expertise of development teams.
  • Be accountable for developing and improving standards for security (via security as code) across a continuous delivery environment and cloud based production deployments.
  • Collaborate with different teams on all aspects of software development from requirements gathering to release into production.
  • Execute a specific development methodology through application of various programming languages.
  • Manage external independent Application Security Testing and ensure timely remediation of issues.
  • Make sure that your organization supports enterprise lead security architecture direction and execution with goal of improving overall application security.


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