Make sure that your organization assess clients analytics needs and create measurement plans and learning agendas that complement multi channel media plans and provide clients with actionable intelligence.

  • Drive automation processes that help safe time on operational level and with reporting.
  • Utilize existing client and organization relationships to drive large, long term deals with top advertisers.
  • Ensure you are able to proactively identify communication, logistical, and scheduling challenges and problem solve with long term stabilization and optimization in mind.
  • Become capable of providing thought leadership and IP and developing innovative analytic offerings desired.
  • Provide strategic and tactical client service to a complex, high touch customer base.
  • Collaborate across organization teams to implement best practices in areas as naming conventions and viewability measurement.
  • Be accountable for prioritizing based on your organizations client portfolio.
  • Identify areas where the product could be improved to increase adoption and new use cases and/or revenue opportunities.
  • Ensure you standardize; lead business process outsourcing.
  • Engage with your customers, understand needs, and build products that bring value and create meaningful impact.
  • Confirm your team complies; is an advocate for data privacy, and knows how to ensure data privacy compliance.
  • Take privacy, regulatory, and market trends into account when developing and executing the product strategy.
  • Serve as strategic contact with media teams and clients / Deepen reputation as a trusted partner.
  • Manage work with peers to integrate performance media into broader media investments, and knows how to contribute to an integrated story about campaign performance.
  • Establish that your organization adheres to quality control standards, ensuring implementation of activation best practices.
  • Be certain that your strategy provides a feedback loop to your project management and strategic engagement teams in order to maintain an efficient workflow with all partners.
  • Ensure you audit; lead regular communication between internal and external teams, outlining production goals and problem solving pain points.


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