The world of marketing has a very pro-active and dynamic environment. As a marketer, whether you are dealing with online or offline potential clients, you need to think about how you can entice your potential clients even before they get mesmerized by the competing companies.  One of the more prominent things that entice potential clients as proven true and effective by majority of Internet  marketers is the giving away of freebies and gifts to potential clients.  

One of the more favored freebies or gifts is the electronic book.  The electronic books or e-books, is one of the most given away gifts to potential clients because of the following reasons:

a. E-books are inexpensive.  
The e-books are files that are easily downloaded from the website.  They are not that expensive because all you need to do is to convert a real, published book and have it converted into a zipped, downloadable file.
b. E-books are easily tracked and monitored.  
One of the major considerations when giving away freebies to potential clients is the ability of the server to track and count the destinations of the downloaded file. The destination is being used as a potential source of higher conversion rate.  With e-books you can include on your server who or which server has made an attempt to download the e-book file.  
c. E-books are capable of being re-cycled.
Unlike the other freebies, e-books never go out of fashion. This means that with e-books you can easily recycle and reborn this.  From time to time you can re-distribute these e-books to your potential clients.   

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