There are several ways to prepare for the SCJP 5.0 exam. One of these is through e-learning or the use of SCJP 5.0 exam epractize download software.  From the word elearning or epractize it connotes that learning and practice of the java programming language is through electronic or computer based learning.

Some features of the SCJP exam epractize downloadable software includes:

1.  Unique questions that are given through mock exams. 
     Mock exams that are pattern from past certification
     exam and are used to practice for the actual exam. 2.  Interactive Quiz questions that allow users to revise
     and reinforce the understanding of concepts under
     time regulated conditions. 3.  Quick Revision Tips or Notes to help candidates
     make revision before the main exam. 4.  Detailed Explanations to every question.  Provide
     a comprehensive explanation to the correct answer. 5.  Tips N Tricks.  Number of pointers to follow and
     pitfalls to avoid as a candidate takes the exam. 
    The questions are catchy and tricks are provided to
     prevent mistakes. 6.  Comprehensive Reports.  There is an exam simulator
    that assesses and gauges the progress of the user in
    each exam objective.  The comprehensive report would
    enable the user to judge its performance and keep
    focus on the areas or objectives that need more
    attention on learning.

SCJP 5.0 exam epractize is a practice tool and at same time a performance assessment that monitors goals achieved.  The epractize offers interactive sessions that simulates the real time certification exams.  

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