Information technology is a dynamic and fast-changing industry. An IT professional knows that in this line of work, continuous learning is always the right way. This is the reason why many IT professionals are taking the MCITP certification. They know that there are many benefits attached to earning a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certificate, which is designed for administrators, support personnel and database specialists for both administrators and developers.

Why acquire an MCITP certificate?

An MCITP certificate is an advantage for IT professionals who want to have a bright future in the IT industry. First, employers prefer IT professionals who have the skills and knowledge of navigating through Microsoft products and services. Second, it is also a personal benefit for the IT professional in terms of keeping himself relevant in the industry. An MCITP certificate also gives a lot of privileges to IT professionals in terms of access to Microsoft information and services and also the conferences.

How to prepare for the MCITP exam?

An IT professional who is interested in acquiring MCITP certificate has various resources for preparing for the exam. First, he can visit the Microsoft website itself where various resources are available.

Second, the website also recommends other resources which the IT professional can check out. These materials are recommended because they meet the criteria of Microsoft, which means it can certainly be of assistance to the exam.

Third, there are also published books and some exam preparation kits that can become great resources.

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