Easy Steps in Installing VMware Tools

It’s a common phrase to say that this era is called the downloading era. Everything can be downloaded now—from the shortest music files to full-length movies. Even software can be downloaded now. VMware, Inc. also makes its software products available for downloading. Besides, download VMware software is very convenient now. One can already have his packaged software included with serial numbers and read me files through downloading. Payment for the VMware software is also done online. Gone were the days when one needs to walk in a certain software vendor and buy physical installer CDs. Now, download VMware is just the solution for everything.

To download VMware software, one has to visit his favorite downloading site that offers VMware software products. The VMware website also has its own online store where one can get his own copy of commercially-available VMware software. He will just have to select from the choices and click the download VMware button. If the software is not a freeware, certain payments need first to be done before successfully downloading the file. But there are also the trial versions of some VMware software where the user is allowed to use the full functioning application for free. But this kind of download VMware has a limited span of usage. The most common is 30 days while others can be as short as 15 days.

Torrent VMware are also available for downloads. The only problems about this download VMware is its speed. Some big files might need a few days just for downloading. However, the good thing about this is that one can have access to commercially-available VMware software without having to pay a single buck.

The process of installing VMware tools rely on Windows version. The newer Windows versions require more automated procedures. For Windows XP guest, the following are the steps to follow:   

First, the virtual machine should be powered on. Prepare the virtual machine in the installing process of VMware tools when guest operating system has begun. In the File menu, choose Install VMware Tools. The next steps will be done by the virtual machine.

If the autorun is enabled in the guest operating system, the dialog box will appear after few seconds. It will ask if the VMware tools should be installed. Then click the yes button and the InstallShield Wizard will be launched shortly.

However, if the autorun is disabled in the operating system, the dialog box will not automatically appear. Run the installer of VMware tools by clicking the start menu and choose run. In the run command bar, type D:setupsetup.exe where drive D: is the initial virtual CD-ROM.

There is no need for actual CD-ROM in order to install the VMware tools. The CD-ROM does not also need to be downloaded or to be burnt since the software of VMware workstation already contains the ISO image. The image is similar to the CD-ROM in the guest operating system and in the windows explorer. All the needed files for installing VMware tools in guest operating system are contained in the ISO image. After successfully installing VMware tools, the image file disappears in the CD-ROM drive.

For the final step, simply follow on-screen instructions. For Windows XP guest and Windows 2000, there is no need to reboot because the new diver is ready to be used.

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