ECDL Access is included in module 5 of the ECDL course work.  Access is a database creation and management program developed by Microsoft Corporation.  It is probably the widest database management solution being used by companies. 

Access is a useful program for all types of enterprises.  It can process and handle database tasks and ideal for systematizing database management.  Companies can create customized forms and tables using MS Access.  These forms can be configured by users to match the specific needs of their companies.

Certain validation rules and data parameters can be included on the program to produce accurate results for every query on the database.  These rules can be edited and revised using only the embedded tools of the applications.

Access can also produce hard copy reproduction of data represented in different format.  Users can configure the way data should be presented so that reports can be understood more clearly by stakeholders or superiors.

As a database management solution, it can also be used as a frontline application to service the needs of external customers.  It can be customized to quickly retrieve important data that may be needed by the company’s frontline operations.

As part of ECDL module 5, end-users must show proficiency in navigating the different tools provided by Access.  If the basic operations of MS Access can be mastered, ECDL candidates are assured that they can easily pass Module 5 of the ECDL.  So, it would be very important to include Access in the review program in order to successfully overcome the ECDL Database exams.

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