The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is a computer literacy certification program that is provided by the ECDL Foundation.  The ECDL exam covers seven modules that tests individual’s computer skills and competencies.  ECDL is designed for those who want to gain a benchmark qualification in the computer industry.  It will enable individuals to develop their IT skills and strengthen their career prospects.
To gain certification in ECDL is to pass the ECDL examination.  The seven modules of the ECDL exam cover the following:

1. Basic concepts of IT
2. Using the computer and managing files
3. Word processing
4. Spreadsheets
5. Database
6. Presentation
7. Information and Communication

A candidate may take each module in any order and over a period of three years or may take the entire module exam in once.  When a candidate has passed all the modules, it is only then that a certificate is awarded. 

Testing centers are available to provide help and support to candidates of ECDL.  Individual who prefer the self-study approach, courseware are also available in the form of textbooks, e-learning and blended learning. Online Training Courses are available and allows access to ECDL software packages for a maximum of one year.  You may wish to contact approved centers to help you know the courseware providers in your area.  You should ensure that the course provided are within the srtandards required. 

Start feeling confident, competent and enhance your career prospects.  Take the ECDL courses, get ready for the ECDL exam and get your rewards.

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