Because of the major role computers play in running businesses, companies, organizations, and enterprises, it’s important for employers to hire employees who have a passing level of computer literacy for them to do their jobs efficiently and quickly. However, employers didn’t have a standardized method to measure just what a passing level was. This dilemma of employers worldwide gave way to the birth of European Computer Driving License (ECDL) in 2001. ECDL provides the needed certification to qualified applicants who are vying for technical positions within a particular company. A certification coming from ECDL is recognized worldwide as an official measurement of an applicant’s skills in using a computer and its various applications.

Applicants who are interested in taking ECDL to improve their marketability can take self-study lessons online to increase their chances of passing ECDL. These courses help applicants keep track of the progress they’ve made. The lessons simulate actual examinations to prepare applicants for ECDL.

Most of these ECDL portals require applicants to sign up and pay a certain fee before they can join. The homepage of these websites usually require a login ID and password before an applicant can gain access the lessons and courses. Practice exams are made available only to paying members and not the general public. Depending on their budget, applicants can join a variety of these websites to help them further in their quest to pass ECDL.

Applicants can choose to join websites focusing on a particular module if they need highly specialized help on a particular area of weakness.

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